Web Site Optimization

Web Site Optimization

Web Site: Bluemont M&M Pack

We have put together below a few Bluemont Packages that may afford-ably fit your budget and fulfill your needs. No hidden costs – it’s right on the package! However, if  you have a need to wash your hands of your site and let the experts take control…

Enter the Bluemont Maintenance & Marketing (M&M) package.

You may have many reasons (or excuses) as to why your site is not getting the attention it deserves or is needed. “Why” is not our business and you need to get back to yours! Let us take over where you (or others) left off by seamlessly transitioning your web and marketing needs to us so we can optimize your online presence.

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and but together a special Bluemont package that fits your budget and achieves your expectations and beyond.


Web Site: Bluemont Optimization Pack

Want to maximize the value of your traffic? Whether you have a busy site already or whether you’re planning some new initiatives to drive traffic, web site optimization is one of the highest value things that you can possibly do. If you haven’t effectively analyzed your key pages and critical drop-off points, there’s a realistic 15%-40% increase in the results you can expect from your site after optimizing.

Bluemont Web Site Optimization Pack includes:

  • Review of your home page, site and main “conversion funnels.”
  • Review of your calls to action and sales language.
  • A/B testing, where practical, of up to 3 critical sales/conversion points, including integration of Google web page optimizer.
  • Custom report outlining areas that should be addressed on your site, including prioritized recommendations for ongoing testing.

$Call for Price. Includes setting up a Google Analytics account (a $150 value).


Web Site: Bluemont Tune Up

Need some simple suggestions to keep your web site running smoothly and address some areas that will improve your sales?

Call us for a Web Site Tune up and we’ll:

  • Identify your most important online business goals.
  • Review your site and make recommendations on the 2 areas with the best opportunities for improvement.
  • Give you a report showing what you need to do and explaining how to do it.
  • Consult with you to ensure you understand the report and how to fix the areas we’ve identified.

$Call for Price. Includes report


Web Site: Bluemont Ongoing Service Package

Serious about driving top web results for the long haul? By signing up for this monthly service you ensure ongoing improvement.

The Web Site Ongoing Service Package includes:

  • Tips and instructions to ensure ongoing improvement.
  • Creation of prioritized testing calendar.
  • Weekly tracking and reporting of key results.
  • Preparation of monthly analytics dashboard.

$Call for Monthly Price.


Web Site: Bluemont Analytics

The Bluemont Analytics Package includes:

  • Setup and configuration of Google Analytics on your site.
  • Customized report template tracking month over month results.
  • One on one training in using and understanding Google Analytics.

$Call for Price. *Setup for non-standard sites may require additional work or participation from your hosting provider.

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