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Want to maximize the value of your traffic?

Of course you do! Here’s a few things we can do for you…

Web Site:

Bluemont M&M Pack

We have put together below a few Bluemont Packages that may afford-ably fit your budget and fulfill your needs. No hidden costs – it’s right on the package! However, if  you have a need to wash your hands of your site and let the experts take control?

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Bluemont Optimization Packs

Want to maximize the value of your traffic? Whether you have a busy site already or whether you’re planning some new initiatives to drive traffic, web site optimization is one of the highest value things that you can possibly do. If you haven’t effectively analyzed your key pages and critical drop-off points, there’s a 15%-40% increase in the results you can expect from your site after optimizing.

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Bluemont Tune Up

Need some simple suggestions to keep your web site running smoothly and address some areas that will improve your sales?

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Bluemont Ongoing Service Package

Serious about driving top web results for the long haul? By signing up for this monthly service you ensure ongoing improvement.

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Bluemont Analytics

Setup and configuration of Google Analytics on your site and report monthly.

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Bluemont Search Engine Optimization

SEO could be considered like building an enhanced White Pages listing. The better your site is set up for search engines like Google, the closer you appear to the top of the results page when someone does a search for your type of business or services. Most of your competitors ARE NOT doing a good job of this, so there are huge “first mover” opportunities.

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Bluemont SEO Tune Up

Want to build further on your SEO results?

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Bluemont Ongoing SEO Service Package

If you generate significant sales or leads through your website and want to ensure ongoing improvement, the SEO Ongoing Service Package is for you.

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Email Marketing:

Bluemont Email Marketing Pack

Not a fan of spam? Tired of all the garbage in your inbox? Us to!

BUT permission based, responsible email programs are well-liked by customers and are proven as the absolute most cost-effective way to improve annual spend per customer. Plus, combined with well-thought out promotions, they are highly effective for increasing sales during times of day, week or year that are traditionally slow.

New to e-mail marketing? It’s easier than you think and it’s without question the highest-ROI means of communication with existing customers.

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Bluemont Email Tune Up

If you’ve got email marketing running in your business but want to learn how to maximize your e-mail ROI, this package is for you.

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Bluemont Email Ongoing Service Package

Are you in a business that would benefit from email marketing but don’t have the in-house resources to manage it? Our ongoing service package is designed for small businesses who want to send out a monthly email newsletter.

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